What are the effects of movies in our life?


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Movies can influence fashion and language. I have to remember to cycle my TV shows, so  that frequently used language doesn't stick with me. Because of TV my mother didn't have the Louisiana accent her grandmothers had. I appreciate how just one movie can change my mood. When I'm angry or depressed I like to watch movies that begin with turmoil but end happily ever after to show that problems can be fixed. And that makes me feel better.

 Movies can take you away from this world no matter how dreary or stressful it may be. You can fall in love with the characters and they can make your day just like a good friend might. (Ok that last bit might just be for introverts like me :)

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It takes you to the other world if you watch sci-fi. It will you give you goosebumps and nervousness if you watch horror. It will give you happiness if you watch inspirational movies. And it will give your heart that excitement when you watch romance. I like watching Korean Dramas cause they have a lot of exciting experience when it comes to love. 

Also movies give us a lot of information which can be use for education, like how gravity works. It has a lot of effect on us. Some are good,some are bad. We just need to pick the right movie to learn something better.

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