Which celebrities do you have no respect for and which do you look up to?


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Darling Divaa Profile
Darling Divaa answered

I have no respect for Tom cruise because of the comments he made on TV about Brooke Shields and her postpartum depression and the need for medication. Calling her an awful mother and one should never take medication for anything!! I know he later apologized to her but that left me soured on him. I have watched nothing with him in it since and i won't ever again.  I look up to stars like Betty White who fight for animal rights. She gives so much time and money to that cause. She will always have my respect.

Megan goodgirl Profile
Megan goodgirl answered

I guess I would say Chris Rock because he can smart alleck like when he does stand up shows . I however look up to Hilary Duff cause she would be an idol to me. Seeming like a sweet girl who follows her dreams and has matured into a woman doing the new show Younger.

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