What´s your favourite singer/musician?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Why, Jim Morrison of The Doors, of course !

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Freddie Mercury

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I can't pick just one. But I can tell you my favorite of each of the genres I listen to.

Classic Rock- Tom Petty-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Alternative Rock- Anthony Kiedis-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Heavy Metal-James Hetfield-Metallica

Country-Garth Brooks

Hip-Hop- Fat Pat


Texas Country- Cory Marrow

Old Country- Waylon Jennings

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miss milburdine
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Wow. You have really eclectic taste in music. I do too. I love everything from metal to opera but what I'm listening to most lately is Jack White and Soundgarden.
Not Online Anymore
I love Soundgarden Mil! *High Five* Black hole sun, won't you come, and wash away the rain.... :))
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Jimmy Page

Paul Mccartney

Joe Walsh

Glen Frey

Don Henley

Curt Cobain

How many do ya need XD

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My favourite singers are

Conway Twitty

John Denver

Johnny Cash

Dolly Parton


Elvis Presley

Katy Perry


Freddie Mercury

Michael Jackson

Cyndi Lauper

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