Do you ever feel sorry for failed celebrities? People who shone brightly at one time in their life, but are now "on their uppers"?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Hard question! I guess I feel sorry for a few because of their age and loss of roles because of that. But the ones who drank themselves silly or used drugs all the time, I have no sympathy for. Kind of hard to draw a line there, Ray. So many good ones let drugs and alcohol ruin themselves. Luckily, the clean ones are still making movies and doing well and investing their money for the future.

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Ray Dart
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I think of Anita Harris, a uniquely British singer/dancer/comedienne. Pretty too.
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Shinypate one answered

Fame is fleeting, wealth slips away, and health deteriorates; this is called entropy. Once you make it big (Tom Cruise comes to mind) you have a tough time staying there, and there are only a few who can maintain fame once attained. I do not feel badly for those who are one-hit wonders, because at least they had the hit. But it's hard if they squander the results of fame on drugs or profligate living. Mostly because fame does not make the man, it reveals him.

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Sunshine Shelly answered
Only when their fall was through no fault of their own. Like kid actors who had parents who took their money. Or stars who had bad managers take everything. Those folks... I feel for. But hard to have a lot of empathy for stars who spiral out of control because they have the money to do it, and a sense they are entitled to do anything they want... Because they are a celeb. If they have ever uttered the phrase "Do you know who I am?"... Then no. Let those numb nutts fall where they may!
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Not at all.  Just like sports figures who make outrageous salaries out of College without ever proving themselves.  They are all overpaid and none are worth the money spent on them. Some make it and some don't but many Actors and Actresses let the money go to their head and are so stuck up and not one of them ever does much of anything for free.  

From experience of being a Pro Football star of many years ago, I never requested the high salaries and was glad I donated the millions I had to a worthy cause  and be rid of it as money does change people and not for the good

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