Do you feel sorry for celebrities who are paid millions and millions, who file bankruptcies every 7 years? Or say they can't pay their bills?


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I have no sympathy for anyone who lives beyond their means to the point where they create their own financial instability .. In any income category .. Period.

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They could have chosen to have some financial people around them at the beginning when they got their millions, so they could do great things with the money. They chose, instead, to let the Hollywood lifestyle get in the way of common sense. You can be too big to fail as we have all seen.

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Yeah I do ... I'm taking up a collection for Kanye  right now .... Cos I loves him :) ... I like saying I loves him on this site cos you all hate on him:p ...and I'm obstinate ? Someone called me that word today and I wanted to use it :) I love new words !! And I love this song ...  So much :)

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