What famous person do you want to punch in the face?


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Woof Woofy answered

honestly, i wouldn't hit anyone, i don't care enough about famious people to do so.

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I wouldn't necessarily punch, but I would like to give a reality slap to Obama for his handling (or lack thereof) of ISIS! Sort of like Cher in the movie "Moonstruck" and say, "Snap out of it" !!!

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As much as I would love to deliver a knuckle sandwhich to those of the democratic party, my true frustrations lie with those of my own party, the republicans. After the last election cycle, they now have the power to make real change, but their cowardice keeps them from having an inspiring plan of their own. Best of luck to you.

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DDX Project
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Sorry, the Republican party died a long time ago. Teddy is rolling around in his grave.
Corey The Goofyhawk
That is part of the reason I wish to deliver a punch to the face and even a kick to the hind quarters.
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I have not raised a hand nor my voice to anyone

I do look at those ops as chances to love into their lives. The backdrop to goofiness is typically a broken or hurt life. My acquaintances in the entertainment, political and sports (and even religious) world often become uniquely close once they realize that I have no other agenda but to help them out of their hurt.

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