What's one thing everyone must do at least once in their life?


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Try to do that thing which gives you happiness.

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Eat never ending lobster until you puke.

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Ancient Hippy
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I went on a hot air balloon ride and really felt secure in the basket. You should try it Debbi.
Debbi Kookiegirl
You've given me the courage to give this a try......if you don't hear back, then you know what happened.....:)
Ancient Hippy
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We did that at Red Lobster many years ago. Told the waitress that we wanted two lobster tails each, glass of water and a salad, that's it. I ended up ordering and eating 4 more tails and my wife only 1 more. We were both stuffed but it was a lot of fun. First and only time I was full after eating lobster.
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Be a skunk, we smell nice and humans love us.

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Kelly Hardy answered

Look for and listen to your song

The song that has all the best sounds

When you hear it for the first time you think "WHAT AM I LISTENING TO!?"

It play's a great video in your head

It surprises you every time you hear it

We all got one and we should find it once

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Take a hot air balloon ride, sleep in a underwater Hotel room with a view of the ocean, learn to use a Jet Ski Jet Pack without ending up in a body cast. 

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