Ok this question is for you guys: do you hate musicals or do you like them? It seems like most guys don't like them and most musicals seem to be very feminine.


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Hate 'em.

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I am seeing Les Miserables in Sydney,Australia tomorrow night. 

We have already seen it 3 times in Melbourne. Tickets are $150 each but it is worth every single cent. I like musicals, but besides Les Miz,Cats,Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies & Chess I don't really like any others.

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I don't mind some of them like " Paint your Wagon, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or Oklahoma ! I'll watch some of them here and there and some like West Side Story are really good. I guess I'm the exception here as I don't mind most of them at all.

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I only love one

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It's The Rocky Horror Picture show I love it.

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Terry  Ross
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Love it! I was magenta in my local midnight showing years ago. My 12 year old son has been a big fan his whole life, I took him to a live show last year, he dressed as Dr frankenfurter with black fishnet stockings, a punk shirt that said filth & thigh high boots, deep red lipstick. He looked awesome! There was another boy his age there, he was the son of the woman playing Columbia & after the show she said " I have to meet your son, he's my sons New hero! " It was great to be around nonjudgmental people! My son & I had to walk a few blocks in town after the show & with his attire & the late hour , men were mistaking him for a working girl!
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I like musicals but my husband hates them. So your theory might be correct most of the time. My ex liked them but he is an artist & more cultured than most men. My favorites are the Rocky horror picture show & hair.

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