Anyone know any good apps I can download YouTube videos to my camera roll from?


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YouTube has since changed their terms and conditions to make it against the rules to download videos. I have searched for a long time for a mobile app that can accomplish this. There is, however, a way on PC. Download and install the Torch browser to your PC. BE CAREFUL to read each dialog box as they appear during the installation. It may try and install other softwares that you don't want. Just uncheck if you find any. 

After the installation, it will give you a quick tutorial on the features of the browser and how to download videos. This browser has been an enormous help for downloading tutorial videos. Best of luck. Here is the address:

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What Makes a Good Vlogging Camera and what camera do vloggers use?

​1. Picture Quality: Obviously you need to deliver wonderful and clear recordings for your vlogs so the most noteworthy angle you have to consider the picture nature of a camera. We propose you search for a camera that can record no less than 1080p or 'Full HD.' If you can't bear the cost of additional, look for a vlogging camera that shoots in no less than 720p. In the event that you are on a major spending plan and might want the best vlogging camera to go ahead to pick a camera that shoots in 4K or 'Ultra HD'. On the off chance that you gain a camera that shoots 4K, a great portable workstation you additionally need to alter and give the recording on.

2. Weight: Cameras don't have to measure a considerable measure The vlogging cameras recommended in our guide will be nearly light with the goal that you can bear them all the day and you won't get torment while you are vlogging. Amid vlogging where the camera can be set down on a tripod or no should be conveyed, all things considered, we have additionally picked some great vlogging cameras, particularly for your requirements.

3. Optical Image Stabilization: A typical practice in vlogging while strolling or doing exercises of others that hold a great deal of development. Youtube and video altering programming can help you to settle film a great deal, and it won't draw close to the nature of a vlogging camera with implicit Optical Image Stabilization. To avert precarious video film and to enhance the nature of your vlogs massively, this component will help you.

4. Audio: Most of the cameras have a decent implicit mouthpiece's and the more costly cameras and furthermore have a receiver jack, so you can enhance to a decent outer amplifier in the event that you need that.

5. The Lens: To give that the majority of your recording will be recorded from an a safe distance away it is critical to search for a vlogging camera with a focal point that present brilliant video quality while shooting from short proximity. Nothing is more disturbing than being out of center for the majority of your vlog

6.Your Needs: If you vlog while moving and catching enterprise an activity cam might be better very much coordinated for you. Maybe you need perfect sound, so you require a Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen with great availability for outside mouthpieces. In this manner, consider the kind of vlogs, you jump at the chance to make and select the best vlogging camera that fits your necessities.

Being a vlogger, it's presumable that you will search for the best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen .Flip screens can encourage you ensure everything is tasteful while you are on the recording. You can spare a considerable measure of time on these cameras, and can help you making conceivable low maintenance vlogging.

Hence, I've made an alluring rundown of the best cameras with the flip screen these are suitable for your vlogging.

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