It's been a rough couple of days and I need a good laugh. Do you have something that just makes you laugh out loud?


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I was a red head, when I had hair. Kids in my hood used to sing a song to me about it. I taught it to my 5 year old red headed god-daughter. I cleaned it up for her young age. Her mother recorded her singing it and sent me the video via text message. I just crack up every time I watch it. The song went:

"Red head poop the bed,
wipe your butt with jelly bread."

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True story.

Long ago when the world was much younger and I hadn't yet realised that shaving is an unnatural habit, I showered, dried off, then, still naked, stood in front of the bathroom mirror and began to shave.

My 3 year-old, wandered in, stood watching me for a while, then saw something dangling. He reached up and grabbed it, jerked it, and said, "Toot! Toot!!"

I almost cut my throat.

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Rath Keale
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What a great image you've given us! This is such a funny ditty.
Didge Doo
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Hi Teach. Haven't watched those DVD's yet. We've been working through an entire series of another show and still have almost a year to go. I'll let you know how we enjoyed these in a couple of weeks.
Rath Keale
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No hurry. I hope you like them.
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You should check out the video clips in this recent question here on Blurtit.

What is your favorite 'Funniest home video' clip?

The animal clips are the best. Hope your day gets better.

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