I know someone who needs a good laugh. Can you find a teehee inducing picture, story or joke?


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A man is traveling a crowded highway in Washington D.C. Traffic has come to a standstill. The driver looks in his mirror and notices a man going car to car. When the man reaches his car, the driver rolls down his window and asks what's going on.

The man says, "Terrorists have kidnapped presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They are asking for a 15 million dollar ransom or else they will drench them in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going car to car collecting donations."

The driver nods his head and reaches for his wallet and asks, "On average, how much are people donating?"

The man responds, "About a gallon."

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Here's a commercial from Oz TV she might enjoy:

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Dozy...do you recall an Australian commercial about an elephant? I got it from you while we were on the old Ask.com, and it was the best commercial I ever saw...but now I seem to have lost track of it...?
Virginia Lou
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Dozy, I found that commercial, will post it now!
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Dear HappyTwo,

This is a commercial from Australia that Didge showed me some years ago...I did see something that PETA may now be protesting this because it involves a trained elephant...but you will see why I like it, it's the best commercial I ever saw!!!

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As middle age takes its toll...

See?  I'm just tastier!

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