I love music and was wanting to discover some new stuff along the lines of The Dear Hunter, indie, 70's Rock/Folk what are some of your favorite songs/bands?


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I enjoy classic rock, some good bands would be the Doors, Led Zepplin, Queen, The Rolling Stones...Crosby Stills Nash &Young....John Denver...for folk music (there is a joke there, just sayin')

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Well, I like listening to rock/screamo/alternative/metalcore etc... Which isn't really what you were looking for. I have one band you may like :D

-Death From Above 1979

-Manchester Orchestra

both were recommended to me by someone else...... Both are great.....

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I'll have to look into Death From above 1979. I do like Manchester Orchestra.
Thank you! :) I love all kinds of music. :) I'm on an Alice Cooper kick right now lol.
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Here's what Spotify recommends. I find their recommendations pretty good usually!

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