Have you ever been in your car at a stop light and looked over and someone is picking their nose? Like up to a knuckle?


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DDX Project answered

Nope, but yesterday while I was sitting at a stoplight, a cop in a motorcycle rolled up next to me. Like any other time a cop rolls up next to me, I'd play it cool and pretty much pretend to not look. The guy knocks on my windshield and my heart jumps. He motions me to lower my window. I lower it. Cop asks me how my day was and tells me to have a wonderful afternoon then zooms off. I got trolled bad.

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

I just saw that yesterday. I was out in front of my house and a lady drove by in a big red SUV, she was digging for gold, oblivious to everyone watching her.

Jordan Marshall Profile
Jordan Marshall answered

No and I'm thankful for that!

otis otiscambell Profile

Pick their nose makeup. You name it, I seen it.

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Daan Scatozza answered

Their knuckle... ARE U KIDDING ME!!? I think they are rather picking their brain than their nose... (not for real, just a joke...)

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