If you could attend a concert, who you would you like to see? Past or present included.


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Tinkerbell St. Basil Profile

The Beatles!!!  Definitely the Beatles 🎶

Maurice Korvo Profile
Maurice Korvo answered

Glen Miller.  I love that big band era.

dragonfly forty-six Profile

Led Zeppelin

Elvis Presley

Maria Callas


Jimi Hendrix

The Doors



Janis Joplin

Patsy Cline

Bob Marley

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dragonfly forty-six
Hahahahahahaha! I almost added that thought to my question. I was going to say, "Now Mr. C. who have you seen out of my list?" I figured between you and Hippy most of my list has probably been seen by one of you.
otis otiscambell
otis otiscambell commented
Beleive it or not I saw elvis when I was 8 at houston astrodome he can shake the house down
Claire MotherofPetey
TWICE❓ That's just as cool as me seeing the Beatles twice.
Anon ymous Profile
Anon ymous answered

Brian McKnight <3

Woof Woofy Profile
Woof Woofy answered

Spice Girls.. They came to Vancouver in 2007 but i missed it because the tickets sold out super fast the moment they went on sale :( it was all over the news and on the front page of one of the local rags.

Bradley  Lomax Profile
Bradley Lomax answered

Tough question as there's multiple bands out there that would have been great to see so If I had a choice because pretty much most of them now are defunct currently one way or another I would have to choose the grateful dead , pink Floyd , the doors , Jimi Hendrix , Gwar but only with the original singer dave brockie ,  the germs I bet it would have been awesome to be in one of darbys punker riots , the b****** surfers .Because they were the pioneers of the noise psychedellic resurgence in Texas of the 80s their shows had weird moments like they would always play footage in the background that could range from a tv show or movie playing upside down or backwards to actual gender reassignment surgery footage to actual car crash aftermaths to just plain odd footage like kids with down-syndrome all in top hats ? And that's not even the tip of the bizarre footage shown and then there was the cross dressing and the plus the odd polo rods thrown to the audience  a nightmare of a show of on a hallucinogenic I would imagine and finally I would go for a classic more obscure avant garde kind of punk band black randy and the metro squad that picture above is of their lp cover , truly an under-rated group if there ever was one .

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