What Makes You Laugh?


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crow robot answered

Good old sarcasm..the funniest comedians tell the truth with sarcasm

Reyhaneh Seyyed Hosseini Profile

Everything :D (This picture always makes me to laugh)

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Veronica Dultry answered

My guy friends. We like to sit around and make fun of each other. We have so much hilarious dirt on each other. There have been times when we would be walking down the street, we get going and they always lose me in a bush. I just fall over laughing so hard I can't walk. I have to beg them to stop because I will and have had accidents.

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Roy Lovett Profile
Roy Lovett answered

My friend Luke is quite the character and does some pretty hilarious stuff xD

Dakota  Mackenzie Profile

A lot of stuff makes me laugh :)

The guys I sit with in my art class crack me up! Recently, the show Rick and Morty makes me laugh :3 and Star Butterfly from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. :)

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