What do you do to pass the time?


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Chase my husband around the house.

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Ancient Hippy answered

Cook, clean, laundry, build furniture, wash the car, work on the truck, visit Blurtit often throughout the day, read and watch TV.

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Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
You forgot the most important thing, Play with your cute little dog, Myla ( I hope I spelled her name right )
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
You spelled it correct Skip. I play with her more than any other activity and if I'm not, she lets me know.
Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
I know you do Hippy. When I read the question, my dog was the first thing on my mind. :)
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I work blurtit in the mornings and some in the evening but spend most of the day beta-testing games. Plus taking care of my Hound, washing cloths and keeping the house picked up. Tomorrow is garbage day so I have to pick up doggy land mines today also.

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Matt Radiance answered

It could be a long list!!

Spare time you meant right! ?

-Listening to music


-Watching movies

-Learning origami models

-Another good time to message friends for extra care get in contact with them to see how they doing.

-Researching (different topics)

-If i get spare time, it's a great chance to continue the game i was playing.

-Of course, any small spare time would be a great chance to come on "Blurtit.com" to try to help around and answer questions or get in touch with friends. Usually i get on and off a thousand of times during the day, cause i have my laptop with me as much as possible, during gym, when i wanna take some rest, i come here, i get awake during night, i come here, any small time i get i come here!! Lol!!

-Doing gym bicycles!

-Playing drums

-Thinking! About my actions, what i might done wrong or right, what should i fix or develop about myself. Rereading my believes and my plans,goals and schedules and everything on my path!

-Motivating myself and re-reading my favorite motivational quotes.

ect . . . . .

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Didge Doo answered

"Pass the time"? That's an evocative expression -- almost a double entendre. Brings to mind some kind of temporal diarrhoea.

I'm usually not far from a book. If I have nothing more productive to do you'll find me reading.

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Watch tv  take care of cats.  Play yachtzee and get on blurtit

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Watch YouTube... Do homework... Do research on stuff I'm interested in... Make powerpoints on it... Video games... Social Networks....

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