How to pass the time when you cannot sleep?


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I pick up my phone and read the news. Reading usually puts me out.

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If you want productivity, read an assignment. Or you can "daydream" a story in your head with its own characters, setting, etc. It works :)

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Hello! If I cannot sleep, I will usually play on my iPhone! I have most popular titles installed, but these days, my favourite one is a run game that’s free for iOS exclusively. A few rounds is normally enough to put me to bed. However, this is not my only tactile pastime! Apps from and the store are also used to kill time, but that’s only when I have my dad’s Android tablet around. It’s not the best device to play on, but it does keep me busy when I need it. You can consult this list to find several other things to do in times when you cannot sleep. Enjoy!

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If you in fact don't want to sleep, then you have this great possibility to do what you haven't had time for earlier, for example, read a book, write a song etc. But if your lack of sleep is a problem - meditate, relax, feel the lightness in all your body parts which is often the most effective way to go to sleep.

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