What is the worst thing about Christmas as you grow older? For me its shortening the Christmas card list. Had to cross three off in the past three weeks!

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Veronica Dultry answered

I can't drink like I used too. Always gives me a headache. So I can't be inebriated while I plaster that smile on my face, while I pretend to care about the relatives I'm having Christmas with.

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I can understand the crossing off on your list. I have kept every card that I have received, they are dear to me. Not just for the beautiful artwork but for the sentiments written inside. Some of the people have died. Each year I look through them with laughter and tears.

Other than that, I swear driver's on the road are slightly more insane and not paying attention.

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Ancient Hippy answered

Coming up with new ideas for gifts for my family members. You can only give so many ties and sweaters over the years.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

With the kids all grown up and having their own families, it just isn't as fun anymore. If they all didn't live so far away, I could see my Grand Daughters but I just have to mail things to them now. Christmas was fun surprising the kids ! That and not having Christmas dinner with my Mom and brother and sister.

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It went from a time of fun and celebration to a virtual non-event. Yet, even so, while I was buying my Christmas goodies at the supermarket yesterday I realised that I was whistling Jingle Bells, so I guess I haven't really got it out of my system.

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