Is it true that girls just want to have fun?


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Ravin Local Profile
Ravin Local answered

I haven't met a girl yet, that didnt enjoy fun.

Matt Radiance Profile
Matt Radiance answered

Your question is out of purpose.

1.Don't generalize. People's desires and lifestyle comes different so this entirely depends on individuals.

2.People wants to have fun regardless of the gender.

Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered
HA!  Nobody else got it.

No ... They want to have lunch

rocker aks Profile
rocker aks answered

I think everybody loves to have fun.for every human fun has its  different context(some times someone finds fun in sleeping a whole day just kidding) for me fun is inside the heart( everywhere and whatever work i do). Girls are also human beings they have emotions too so they also like fun and i think when the girls are in the mood of fun then at that time nothing can stop them.

LiftedTruck Redneck Profile

I love having fun, but my idea of fun is nowhere close to other peoples idea of fun. I could have fun tearing apart an engine..or almost breaking my ribs on jumps..or just sitting by a fire with my little cousin. Everybody likes to have fun, male or female. Just everybody has fun in different ways too.

Ty Hibb Profile
Ty Hibb answered

I don't think having fun is a gender problem. This mindset is affecting both alike.

Craig Marshall Profile
Craig Marshall answered

When they are around me that's all they want to do. And I show them a good time.

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