Do you think Bruce Jenner is a male or a female?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Bruce is a male that prefers to dress like a woman. He still has his man parts.

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Call me Z answered

What Jenner is, is an utter embarrassment to both sexes.

His claims fail the longstanding method of gender verification that is used on virtually all mammals and every human newborn...if you get my drift. 

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Charles Davis answered

Bruce Jenner is a male, Catlyn Jenner is a glorified transvestite persona of Bruce, that takes hormones to look female. Catlyn is a male as is Bruce. If Bruce truly wants to be female, then lose the dangle between the legs and go all the way.

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PJ Stein answered

His DNA will always come up male. He can have all the surgery and take all the hormones to alter his body, bu he cannot change his DNA. With that said there is more to gender than one appearance and their DNA. It is an attitude and a mental...acceptance for one's self.

Personally I couldn't care less about his gender as his life has no impact on mine. I do have an aquaintance who is transgender and have known others. It makes no difference to me how they choose to live as it is their own happiness and self acceptance that matters.

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Bruce Jenner was male.
Caitlyn Jenner is female.

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