Why is there so much outrage about Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo interviewing an escaped drug lord?


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Sean Penn is sneaky and a deceitful person.

Whether its a drug lord, killer, murder, rapist, or whatever type of criminals¬† and he knows where they're¬† hiding doesn't inform the authorities. Doesn't sound like a caring and concern citizen/person for your neighbors and community or the lawūüė†

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It's such a strange story. Surely you'd think that if you were a drug lord and one of the most wanted men in the world, you'd try keeping a low profile and make sure the tv appearances stayed to a minimum.

Maybe he knew he'd get caught eventually, and he just wanted that last bit of fame and notoriety.

As Tiger said, it's weird that Penn was involved and knew about his location before the authorities. I look forward to hearing more about it, probably through a Netflix show based on the whole thing.

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I actually didnt hear of it! Ill be looking it up though. Id have to assume the world will be outraged about anything, so long as they dont have to focus on them self!

Sean Penn is clearly an idiot.

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Here's a pretty good article by a lawyer:

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