Today these two actors were born sean penn,robert deniro so what's your favorite film?


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Robert De Niro good. Sean Penn ok.

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I really liked "Silver Linings Playbook" with Robert Dinero (also with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence).

It showed the heartbreak of a father seeing and trying to help his son struggling with bipolar mental illness.

I loved that movie.

Here's a rare intimate interview with Robert Dinero discussing the movie and how It affected him. He has a son who is bipolar in real life, and doing the movie and being able to share his feelings through the movie touched him very much .

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Both are good and legends. I'm more into Robert De Niro! Such a true legend.

Many movies to name!

From Taxi Driver, Godfather, Goodfellas and Casino to Heat, Awakenings, to Analyse that, Meet the fockers and limitless. And many more in the between! Awesome actor, awesome man!

I'm in love with that Italian body languages which you can say who's Italian in one way or another from 100 km away!!!

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Taxi Driver

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

De Niro is OK and about the only movie I ever liked Sean Penn in was :

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Dear Otis,

I really really love the work of both Sean Penn and Robert DeNiro, to me just superb actors both.

And the film is WE'RE NO ANGELS, starring both of them plus Demi Moore. However, RottenTomatoes only gives it three stars out of five...maybe the movie is actually a little sappy but I love it anyway.

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Virginia Lou
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Rooster! That is amazing...I saw the Bogart publicity as I was researching that answer. And you say it is the same story and the one I like is a remake?

Well yesterday with one of Jaimie's questions I started a Bucket List, and now that original movie is definitely going on it.
Virginia Lou
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Oh...I thought of mentioning to you also, today the library got in Paul Wilson's PANACEA, so I am looking forward to starting that
Rooster Cogburn
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Basically the same but the Bogart one was better. Panacea is a good book !
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Not a real big fan of Sean Penn's, but I did like this movie that I found on the AMC channel a couple of years ago.

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Virginia Lou
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ty Danae, this movie is going on my to-watch list.
Danae Hitch
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I really enjoyed this movie for some reason, Virginia. Michael Douglas was kind of a d*ck in it, but that was the point of the movie.

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