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During a math exam, Willy asks Ms. Matilda, the teacher, how much time is left. Ms. Matilda is known for being obtuse and answers that the amount of time left is 1/5 of the time already completed and that is also how much time is left, in a manner of speaking.

How much time is left?

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Hi my friend,
I haven't been on for ages. The CT Scan came back clear (Luckily,i was really worried) but i still have concussion & a broken jaw which is quite painful. I can only drink yoghurt & fluids & have lost 6 kgs. He goes to court charged with aggravated assault so he will probably get a suspended sentence & a fine. Luckily here in Australia there is a Government Dept called "Victim Services" which compensates for victims of violent crimes & they have agreed to compensate me with $3500. So that is something.

How was the Superbowl?? I have recorded it on Foxtel but i haven't watched it yet. Are you a real fan? I like watching the TV commercials. How have you been? It's been weeks i think since i was on. Here is the answer.

15 minutes. The total exam time is 90 minutes. If 15 minutes are left, 75 minutes have already passed, and one fifth of 75 is 15. However, if you follow Ms. Matilda’s hint and pay attention to only the numbers in 1/5, you get the answer of 15 minutes as well.
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I am glad your CT came back clear. It is scary when you don't know what is going on in you own body. I suppose $3500 is something, but does it cover all your costs from the attack? You have been through so much in the last year or so. I hope 2016 is kinder to you.

It wasn't the most thrilling Super Bowl, but at last it wasn't a blow out either. Up until the last bit it was still winable by either team. The commercials weren't as impressiv this yar either. And there was one that was just creepy. It had a puppymonkeybaby.
HelpStop AnimalAbuse
Yes, a lot of people at work said the game was pretty average. I haven't seen the puppymonkeybaby yet but it sounds weird. The $3500 is for all my costs & i won't get if for another 8 weeks.

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