I was looking to see if River Monsters was on last night and saw a show called : My 600 lb Life ! Is this show for real? 600 pounds?

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Yeah, they exist. I have a 450 pound tenant that lives upstairs in my second floor apartment.

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Yup, and one time in that show I saw someone that was 700 pounds and she was only 23. That's a lot of food eating.

Thing is someone keeps bringing them all that food and it's all junk. Also, I think I see a lot of cheap take out /drive-through foods on that show.

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Yes several years back this twenty three yr old they had to cut the door frames to get him out. His mom babys him and feeds him mass amounts of food and no exercise

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Its very real.

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I stumbled upon the same show, Mr. C. And it was hard to change the channel. It was like watching a train wreck. Overweight person eats and eats, gets no exercise, usually lives at home, doesn't work, wife / mom / dad / sister brings home the food because they don't want to tell that person "no" or "you're really gaining weight - you should probably cut back".

Massive weight gain. Light suddenly dawns - oh hey - I could die from overeating - I should probably get help.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan does an initial weigh in - sees the family members that are enabling the overeating - tells the overweight person - hey, I need a commitment from you that you are serious about losing weight. You need to lose xx weight before I can consider weight loss surgery for you.  Scolds the enablers for their role in this.

Overweight person goes back home and realizes that losing weight and denying yourself from all of your cravings is hard. Getting up and walking when you're carrying 500 extra pounds is hard.

I watch and wonder what it would take for the husband / wife / mom / dad / sister to realize that they are helping to kill that person by constantly buying fast food, pop, cookies, cakes, etc. Most of the time, the person is too overweight to drive or grocery shop, so someone has to go buy all this food. How can you look at your son who weighs almost 700 pounds and hand him his own chocolate cake because he wants it and not think that your behavior is killing him?

I don't get it.

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I watched it once or twice out of sheer fascination after I stumbled on it when flipping channels.

Have you noticed the amount of food on the plates that some of them consume?---it's sometimes twice what I eat for a "big" meal and I'm no small person myself.

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