Do you like Oprah?


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Yes I do but I'm kinda mad at her for not giving me a new car too :p that's not really fair .

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I've only seen her show once. She was interviewing an author whose book had been interesting and I wanted to hear what he had to say.

She asked him a question, then answered it herself. Then asked him another, and answered that one herself. Then asked him a third which she again answered herself.

At that point I switched off the set and haven't watched her since.

I know she's immensely popular but I wonder if that says more about her viewers than it does about her?

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I haven't seen her show but my grandmother is a big fan of her, so I heard she's  a great person

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Dance like a gypsy
Nah I'm not really into talk shows
Jaimie  JT
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She's been around forever though ... I remwmber I had to go back to bwfore and after school care because I skipped school and hide in a van in grade five for a week so my mom put me back in childcare and I was not impressed and kinda humiliated after being independent for a while . But my cafe provider let me watch the facts of life two days a week which was awesome ..the other three days the little kids got to watch ghostbusters cartoon .. Then Oprah took over facts of life time slot and ruined my life. Oh no .. I'm rambling now :/ anyway that's my first memory of Oprah
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I am not particularly a fan of hers. She really lost it for me when she became political. Every poltical point of view she stated was "We as black people..." and to me that is divisive. I am not saying that many blacks have issues that need to be addressed, but there are many people of different ethnicities who face the same issues. I think many if the issues she was actually discussing were economic and she should have been saying "We as a country..."

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Not really.

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