Who's prettier? Pamela Anderson or Cindy Crawford?


7 Answers

otis campbell Profile
otis campbell answered

Cindy crawford has class i will take her

Corey The Goofyhawk Profile
Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

My vote goes to Cindy Crawford.

Jaimie  JT Profile
Jaimie JT answered

Hmmmmm Cindy Crawford was on all the either Pepsi or Coke commercials when I was a kid so I'm going with her ... Although if I was thrown over board on boat i'd want Pamela Anderson there as a flotation devise and I think she's attractive aswell just not in a natural way . When I was a kid I thought the most beutiful woman  in the world was Elizabeth Shue and I wanted to grow up to look like her ..  So I want an option C !!

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Cindy Crawford, all the way. She has more classic type beauty.

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