Is Alicia Silverstone a natural blonde?


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Who is Alicia Silverstone?

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No. The drapes don't match the carpet.

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I was just reading that Australia is going to introduce herpes to the carp that seem to be taking over their river system, hoping that it will kill almost all of them.
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It's one of the, ah, red herrings being thrown in to, um, muddy the waters in the lead-up to the Federal Election in July. Back in the 1950s we introduced myxomatosis to cut the number of rabbits in the country. It was pretty successful but, unfortunately, we can no longer eat the things. I hope the herpes doesn't spread to other fish.

It's our biggest claim to international glory since we threatened to put down Johnny Depp's dogs. And the same politician is involved in both ideas.
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From what I read, if it works there will be bazillions of dead carp floating down river.
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No ! According to this, her natural hair color is light brown.

Alicia Silverstone Height Weight Body Statistics - Healthy Celeb

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Probably Rooster's answer is the best we're gonna get.

Like Ray, I'd never heard of the lady but the Internet is a wonderful place and you can find out anything you want if you ask nicely.

So I asked.

I had to eliminate most of the images I found because they had been (or could have been) photo shopped, but I found a couple that seemed real, though discreet.

So I put on my peeking specs and took a close look and came away none-the-wiser. She shaves!

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