In your opinion what tv show is better, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? (I personally would choose The Walking Dead 💕 )


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Baahhh on Game of Thrones! I watched the first episode twice and was bored to Oblivion. The Walking Dead grabbed my attention from minute one and held it until the latest season. You have great taste in shows! :D

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Nicole Ashley
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Haha exactly ! The Walking Dead has never used sex or anything like that to grab viewers , they simply just keep every episode suspenseful and u never know what character will be the next to go!
Corey The Goofyhawk
Especially with that last episode, wow! I wanna know!! Lol!
Nicole Ashley
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I almost threw up I was so nervous!! And I wonder who they killed off. I think I have a good idea
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Game of Thrones has better actors, better writing, better plots, numerous compelling storyline for everyone, and a lot of other things that is mainly a reflection of how much of a literary genius George R.R. Martin is.

Walking Dead is more of a pop TV show for the general populace addressing the increase in popularity of the zombie theme. It starts really slow. But the first 2-3 seasons were alright. Afterwards it just feels like they're trying to stretch it out as much as they can. To think they're planning 12 seasons.

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Nicole Ashley
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Now that the new villain is in it (Negan) things will never be boring to anyone again. He really messes things up for everyone (I read the comic books) haha
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I haven't seen Game of Thrones, but I am an AVID TWD fan!!

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I watched Game of Thrones for awhile but got bored. I much prefer The Walking Dead!

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Well, the genres are incompatible thus not entirely a good comparison.

You have one as a Fantasy and the other as a Post Apocalyptic Horror. The Game of Thrones, has several intertwining storylines of major characters in a quest for ruling a imaginary realm, whereas (for the most part) the story line in Walking Dead is centered around the survival of a group and the decline of civilization, as we know it, regarding the actual real places.

The only similarity is the driving impending doom . . . The threat of another hoard of Zombies (Undead) in Walking dead versus the threat of a hoard of Zombies (Undead - "Winter") in Game of Thrones.

Walking Dead is based off of Graphic Novels (Comic Books) and has had some "Changes" to the original story while Game of Thrones is based off of Fantasy novels and has had some "Changes" to the original story . . Especially this season since the books stopped with last season's episodes, and this season proceeded without the next book being finished.

I like them both.

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Tom  Jackson
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I haven't watched either. Does Game of Thrones contain "magic or other supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting" to be considered a fantasy in that sense?
Darik Majoren
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Yes, it contains Giants, Dragons, sorcery, and the like.
The Walking Dead has one science Fiction premise, and that is the Dead are re-animated by a virus that can either hasten one to their death and there by re-animate them through a bite, or everyone already has another "Softer Form" of the virus that is already in the body via "Airborne" and will re-animate upon actual death by other means. The break down of Communications between large populations and even smaller communities allows for pockets of uncivilized behavior all in the name of "Survival" . . . Some of the biggest horrors in the Walking Dead is what humans will do to other humans to survive.
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Haven't watched GOT.  Read the first books when they came out and decided the obvious plan was to kill off every major character.  Walking Dead I still watch altho I am becoming more and more irritated by just how stupid those people are. 

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Never watched game of thrones. (doing my best to find time for it)

I prefer The Walking Dead.

Previously on AMC's the walking dead . . .

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