Does anyone else feel that the producers and directors of Prison Break are making a mistake by putting out a fifth season? I think they should leave it how season 4 ended!


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I don't feel that way.

I'm very excited about the return, the moment i've heard it's gone official and seen the image of the trailer, my breath stopped for few seconds, i love this show so much, it's one of my very favorites and i really enjoy to see it's keep going.

A nice idea is always good to carry, i understand the concept of your thoughts, sometimes it's good to leave something at it's legacy, at the top of the prime before mistakes destroys the reputation. But i feel positive about the ongoing story. And i'm sure it will work out nicely.

I like to adopt myself to new stories of the same life, shocking starting and to the continue of the life of the story. I'm so impatient about the season. The first question i've asked myself was "how the hell Michael stayed alive that night ? I didn't slept the whole night after watching the final episode!

You must adapt yourself to the instances! A very smart comparing!

-What  was my father like ? My real father.

-Was like a storm, appeared suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, and then disappeared just as quick.

-Storms, they can come back, can't they ?

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