Are there any therapudic songs for rape victims? Music provides a kind of therapy but I haven't heard any that helps me when I think about it


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Barb Cala answered

Rape victims more need counseling and reassurance than listening to music IMO.  Real therapy from professionals and support from friends and family are what they need.

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Jann Nikka answered

IMO music about rape would be very depressing, sad and possibly make one suicidal.

Music about being a survivor, getting your life back together, becoming stronger, you're beautiful, overcoming any adversity, strength and support from family and friends that would be good music. 

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PJ Stein answered

I get what you are saying. But you just have to find a song that inspires you to get back up and move on. Rachel Platten's Fight Song might be a good one.

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Tom Jackson answered

I was surprised at how many artists have tried to help such victims in that manner.

For a number of links, use this as a search term:

therapeutic songs for rape victims

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