Are the type of person that enjoys making others laugh?


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It's the only reason a cantankerous old coot like me has any friends at all.

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otis campbell
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Didge u would fit here in here in usa on any freeway with any crazy driver
Didge Doo
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I don't think I'd be game to drive in the US after spending a lifetime driving on the left side of the road. They'd definitely class me as crazy.
otis campbell
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Didge thats normal here between the oldtimers drunks and bank robbers
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I love to laugh with my friends!

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Of course! I always feel so happy when i can make someone smile and laugh. Making others cheers up is a road to my own self happiness. And other's laughs are one of the best sounds in the world.

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Making people laugh is more then just the "fun" one (This one definitly is me though).....

Sometimes people will make others laugh by being mean to someone else..... I try to stay away from that one.

Also people make others laugh more of like a "nervous" moment..... When a situation gets awkward laughter often comes...... This one can be fun with the right people! LOL!

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I'm consider to have a very good sense of humor, but it's just something that happens---I very, very seldom try to make someone laugh.

And I am perfectly willing to laugh at my own jokes---even if I am the only one that does so..

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