do you have any funny memories of your mother? any anecdotes or funny things she says or does? anything she told you you must/mustn't do, could/couldn't have? anything she told you was true that definitely wasn't?


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My mom would say, "little Hippy, don't sit on the concrete'll get hemorrhoids, don't cross your eyes........they'll stay that way".

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My mom was/is pretty gullible.  One day we were driving, and the guy in front of us did a slow-and-go at the stop sign.  She was upset that he didn't stop.  I said, "Well, this is one of the stop signs with white trim.  You don't have to come to a complete stop at those."  She believed me, and did a slow-and-go!

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My mum visited my high school to talk to some of the teachers (I can't remember why), and on her way out she stopped to talk to my friends as well. She later realised she'd been wearing her top inside out the whole time! :D

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My mom tried her darndest to get me to like seafood.....yes, telling me that popcorn shrimp was, you guessed it, chicken!

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As far back as I can remember, Mama had a song for every occasion.  She would always sing to me.  (Here's one she sang to me .. For obvious reasons.)

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She said I was a Nothing! (How can your 11yr be a nothing worthless @#$=$÷×@) . As early as 11 til 17 (I left at 17 and never returned)  she was fond of pulling out one of her many guns, she really liked the .357 and would tell me she would blow my [email protected]#$%^&*/=÷×+ brains out. I used to ask myself what could a child do that her own mother was constantly threatening to blow her brains out. I lived in absolute fear.

She shot my brother in the leg, shot her one of her husband and was with a man who killed a man, she was charged with tempted murder.

Child abuse memories are forever😔.

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Jann Nikka
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Hi Biker, She use to say her mom was abusive (never gave soild or even a vague reason) and her father was a hustler/womanizer/gigolo and absent. She was so "disruptive" and hateful with everyone, no one cared for her, she was mean and disrespectful her mom, but her mom-Granny was one of the most loving persons to everyone and I mean everyone even to her. I never ever witness Granny or step-father abusing or being mean to her. Not one incident. I asked her many many times alone and in front of kin what's the problem and she would say/claim everything is "Hunky Dory" and "I'm Super Great" those were her favorite words.
She treated my 3 younger sibling pretty good, especially my sister she alone called her "Princess".
Bikergirl Anonymous
Believe it or not, that sounds not that uncommon for someone who is mentally or emotionally damaged. I can not say one way or another why she behaved the way she did .. but, as far as I understand, child abuse stems from mental and emotional instability .. which is often compromised or caused from emotional trauma.

There is nothing carved in stone and there may not be 'one' thing that can explain it. It could be a continuum. For that matter you may never know what caused her emotional disconnect, and that is a shame.

Speaking out of concern and as a mother, I can only hope you can deal and cope with your emotional past and rise above it.
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"Funny" I was the only person who cares about her and tried to show it, even after all she did to me. Finally I too stop caring and moved on. She did too R.I.P. Thank you
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Only a partial answer.....

---A great deal of what she told me turned out to be inaccurate.

---she once looked down the muzzle of a pistol to see if it was loaded. (I had told her it wasn't and I knew that for certain it wasn't---it was a revolver and I had already checked the cylinder)

---"you can't have your cake and eat it too."  (True, but hardly motivating.  I love cake, but why would I make or buy one if I couldn't eat it.)

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I got on the bus with my mum and we flashed our bus passes, she then dropped her umbrella and as she bent down to pick it up as the bus pulled away. The sudden jolt sent her falling head first into a mans crutch who was seated on the bus. She was extremely embarrassed and apologetic, I of course was diplomatic and stood there laughing. When we got home we had a good giggle, I said she'd probably made that mans day. 

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