I want to start a youtube channel, but i don't know what i should do my videos on. i can't make gaming videos because of reasons, i'm not good at anything like animating, drawing, editing, so what should i do, its my dream to be a youtuber?


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u can do a cover of ur favorite songs

If u play an instrument, u can play ur favorite songs on ur instrument on youtube

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Everyday can be a different YouTube video. Gosh there's a million things you can do. Have you read any books or comic books or seen any movies? Everyone has,  so do a review on them.

Is there a certain way you organize your room? Show tips on that.

Know ANY magic tricks? Do one of those.

If you don't know what to do for one, then make one up. Look around you. The possibilities are endless.

Carry paper and pencil around with you and write down what you do in a day. Then offer videos of how to improve doing those things.

Read a poem. Read a story you've written. Do a funny puppet show. Explain how to do a craft or hobby. If you don't do anything but stare at walls, then do one on that.

As long as you're still breathing you have millions of ideas at your disposal. Share an easy recipe . Show one of your mom cooking a meal. Make each day different. Good luck and have fun.

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If you don't know what to do, then start a vlog. Just rant about problems in your life, share good news in your life, talk about your opinions, and/or give reviews of things that you've recently done or purchased. This is literally something that anyone can do. People are always looking for someone they can relate to. Everyone has the potential to be that person and being a vlogger is simply putting yourself out there in hopes that someone will find you relatable. A lot of YouTubers start off doing stuff like that and once they gain more subscribers, then they branch off to do other things.

As a precaution though, if you want to do rants and complaints, be mindful and respectful. There are YouTubers out there who may have unpopular opinions but are still doing fine simply because they already have a huge fanbase. As a starter channel, you should try being careful about that. Of course, there will always be those people who get offended over everything and haters/trolls, but just be sure that you are going along with what is generally socially acceptable.

Anyway I hope this helps a little and good luck!

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