What's your top 10 favorite horror movies?


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Dear Anonymous,

One superb movie maybe not officially horror genré but affected me that way....

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Tom  Jackson
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I didn't see it until some years after I came out.

I liked Burt Reynolds, so that was why I decided to watch it.

But he didn't play the "hero" that I had come to associate him with; and the things that occurred in that movie, as well as the existence of some of those characters, the implied "evil" they represented, and the lack of a personally satisfying ending with "good" guys riding off into the sunset wound up disturbing me on some sort of atavistic level.

Watching it again is not exactly on my "bucket list" (actually, I don't have one) but it's on the lower portion of my "maybe" list.

I'm mildly curious to see how I would react to it with my current knowledge and experience.
Tom  Jackson
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It came out, not I came out. I have never been "in" anything except love.
Virginia Lou
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Ha ha, yes one's...current knowledge and experience...yes to me that is one of the delightful things of growing old...I can look back and do those comparisons...

And Burt Reynolds' role, I always liked him but because of that film I actually began to have more respect for him as an actor; more complex characterization.
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I spit on your grave

The grudge

Friday the 13th

The texas chainsaw massacre

Night of the living dead

The descent

Wrong Turn


The ring

The hills have eyes

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Virginia Lou
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I have not heard of THE HILLS HAVE EYES...will add it to my list!
Virginia Lou
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Oh thanks, NN...I see you liked SAW?
Have not watched that either...with horror movies like everything what I appreciate most is the creativity, artistry...
Virginia Lou
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You know what, I think maybe I will just ease carefully into some of these... horror is not a genré I even really go for very much, however I like to see films that are just really really well done... excellent story line...partly just for a well-rounded 'education,' maybe you could call it.

I did NOT like THE DEER HUNTER, for example, but glad I watched it because of the skill it dealt with that topic...exploring a dark frame of mind that we humankind can find ourselves.
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The original nite of the living dead

Halloween one

The shining

Texas chainsaw massacre original

The blob

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

The Shining

Rosemary's Baby

The Descent

The Cave

The Cabin in the Woods

Drag Me to Hell

American Werewolf in London

The original : The Thing


Evil Dead

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I do not like to watch horror movies. I think that the entire series with Chucky is scary.
When I was young, I watched the film “Child's Play 3”, and since then I have never
played with a doll. Whenever I hear the creepy soundtrack of a horror movie, I start to shiver.

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