A riddle, What can be measured but not seen?


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Great to see you, how's the wife and baby?

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Just wow!!!!! That's quite an adventure and you made it. I'm glad to see that your life is in full swing.
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Thanks hippy, I'm trying to remember your dogs name but I think it starts with a "M" . I give up I can't remember , Damnn it, is it "Myla"?? If I'm right give Myla a tummy rub for us. I've got some great Pics from Everest to share . Can you teach me to post pictures on Blurit or could I email them to you & can you post them on my behalf for me. I'm hopeless with technology.
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You got it right, Myla. She's doing great, thanks.
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Lots of things. Time, energy, sound, gas, microscopic units of measurement.. Etc

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Time, Entropy, Love, almost any other abstract noun

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