What are some ideas for a kid's birthday party?


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Yes, keep it simple. If the child is under 5, you might consider just having a family dinner or lunch. You can do a cake, some balloons, a few presents. If the child has one friend that they are close to, you might invite him/her to join you for the meal.

If they are school-aged, consider what their interests are when you select a "theme" for the party. However, get a handle on the guest list, your budget, etc., fairly quickly or this event will blow up in your face.

You don't need to spend a bunch of money for the kid to have a good time on their birthday.  You don't need to have favor bags for everyone. You don't need to hire a pony for pony rides.

Have some games for the kids to play - Tag and Hide and Go Seek are good ones for younger kids. Have a cake or a great big cookie, some lemonade and call it good. All the child needs, really, is to know they are loved.

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Smurfs theme or the big rage these days batman superman etc

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you could get a space walk . Kids enjoy that.

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The happiness, the smile on those kid's faces are really awesome! Children's party isn't about spending money too much. It shouldn't be costly at all times. Just make your kid's day remarkable and worthwhile. It's far enough, I think invite to mind-reader-magician in party , all the children love it .

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My Son was into Wizards one year, so for his birthday, we had a wizard theme party.

We had sorcerer's brew for punch, had a magician come in for a magic show, played games such as musical wizard hats, had a cake with wizards doing battle (I photoshopped my two kids locked in mortal combat as wizards on his cake) . . . Then they watched the first Harry Potter as parents came in to pick them up.

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