Which one is the classiest and most refined men is it Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bam Margera, Adam Sandler, or Dustin Diamond aka Screech?


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All I can say is that classy and refined aren't exactly the words I'd use to describe Adam Sandler, lol.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I would say Cumberbatch is cool and classy, Margera, Sandler and Diamond aren't worth the real estate that their bodies take up. I'm not familiar with Hiddleston, so I have no opinion.

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Indy Confetti answered

Let's rule out the obvious three from the start.  (Do you seriously think anyone calling themselves "Bam" is going to win an award for refinement?  The man's name is Brandon, for heaven sakes.)

Now while both Tom and Benedict are classy as can be expected given their esteemed, upper-class British upbringings, I imagine Tom as being slightly more sophisticated and polite.  Also, Benedict has said a number of things that have gotten the social justice warriors riled up before.  Tom (to-date) has yet to misspeak and upset any demographics.  He seems to be the ultimate gentleman; not to mention that besides being well-spoken, he's usually well-dressed and knowledgable.  I like Benedict, but I think Tom would win a "classier" award.  He seems human enough to dance and laugh and do impressions, but not likely to pull a Benedict and fill in words like, "F*cking" on a talk show Mad Libs.  I feel like Tom is better with keeping his boundaries when in society.  Benedict gets sillier and loses the regality. 

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