How Much Is The Average Weekly Shopping Bill In Britain?


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The question is based on the idea that we all troop off to the supermarket only once a week.  In reality, most of us do some topping up shopping trips.

2006 Statistics on the average weekly shopping bill for food and other household consumables.

The bill is a bit short of £100 per household, per week.  Of that, £65 would be spent in the supermarket, and another £32 on lunches out, snacks, etc.  Households headed by 20-somethings only spend £89 on their weekly, food.  Households headed by 40-something spend £132 on weekly food.

These figures don't really take into account number of people in the household, though.  Peruse this Mumsnet thread to see what some typical weekly spending values are for families.   Probably about £100 for a family of four, not including lunches at work.

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