Do you ever watch a movie and keep rewinding the funny part?


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Teeheehee..... YES especially when my sister was alive! Lol!

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Yin And Yang
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Jan, I love it! Thank you. This emoji reminds me of my younger sister. 😋 She use to make that face at me! Lol!
Jann Nikka
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Yin, I'm very sad but very happy for you and your beautiful sisters👱💁👧
Yin And Yang
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Thank you kindly my friend! This was something He showed me on a mountain one day. He may have brought my two sister's Home but He did not leave me without. I opened my eyes and there was at least 10 of my sister's from Church surrounding me, crying and praying for me. It was a big healing moment for me and I feel blessed for sure. :0)
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Generations of teenaged boys (and perhaps a few girls) have rewound the funny bits, but anecdotally-speaking, I think they may also rewind other "interesting" bits.

I'm sure there is a REALLY good joke in here somewhere that won't offend anyone.. Working on it....

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Sure. Not only that but the most exciting parts. I have a folder labeled "Clips" on my backup drive that has scenes of various movies that were my favorite parts.

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Dear Megan Goodgirl,

When I first watched OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?

I rewound the whole thing about five times, watching it over and over...      that whole movie was so funny.

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I also re-watch parts that I consider classic---humorous or otherwise.

Lately, the scene in In the Heat in the Night when Sidney Poitier identifies himself to Rod Steiger as a fellow police officer occasionally gets a rewind.

Same with the final 3 minutes of The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Various movies at various times in my life.

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