What is your favorite song with a color in the title?


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Ancient Hippy answered

AC/DC, Back in Black.

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Skip Gentry answered

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle

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PJ Stein answered

That's tough. There are so many. Prince's Raspberry Beret. Nena's 99 Red Balloons (aka 99 Luftballoons). Bob Dylan's Tangled up in Blue. And so many more, but I am going with UB40's Red Red Wine.

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Yin And Yang answered

How about ummmm "Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis Presley?

Can't say it is my favorite but it is a song with a color in the title!

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Didge Doo answered

I wouldn't exactly call it a favourite but for colour it's hard to go past "Orange Coloured Sky". How's this for a rainbow finish:

I was walkin' along mindin' my business
When love came and hit me in the eye.
Flash! Bam! Ali-ca-zam!
Out of that orange colored purple striped pretty green polka-dot sky:
Flash! Bam! Ali-ca-zam and goodbye.

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true colors

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Ray Dart answered


(Is black a colour? Or an absence of colour? Or a colour additive? - I sense a blurtit question coming)............

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Mountain  Man
Mountain Man commented
Black is actually the absence of colors, but Crayola makes a black crayon so you have a valid answer Ray. Thank You.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Let's head off that question, Ray

The correspondence of a color to a specific wavelength is called spectral color. White and black are excluded from this definition because they do not have specific wavelengths. White is not defined as a color because it is the sum of all possible colors. Black is not defined as a color because it is the absence of light, and therefore color.

In the visual art world, white and black may sometimes be defined as distinct colors. This is different from the concept of spectral color in physics.


(Just another example of why I care so much about definitions of words.)
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There are so many, it's difficult to choose.  Here is a very old favorite.

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