What's the strangest dream you've ever had?


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The strangest dream I ever had was when I was on the patch many years ago in one of my failed attempts to quit smoking :/ Ive since sussed the habit though :) anyway ... I dreamt that I was making a maniquin display out of my parents and sisters dead bodies in a mall ... They were all alive at the time . I gave up the patch the next day cos holy fook:/

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My dad and I were walking in a field in France. He said it was one of his fiercest battles in WWII and he lost a lot of his pals. While walking, he stepped on something. When he picked it up, it was a turtle with initials T.C. Carved in it's shell. She said, "holy crap, my friend Tom Carney did this way back in 1942".

I had the dream about 2005. That was one old turtle.

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I pooped once in a dream.

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Jasmine Antipolo
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I remember when I was like 11 or 12, I was dreaming about going to the bathroom and peeing there. My mom woke me up saying, "Hey! You peed on the bed!"

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