What is the strangest thing you've ever seen?


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If you don't send me a pepperoni pizza right now Yin, I'll post a comment on this answer several times a day, so you'll have to see that face quite often.
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Cool !!!
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MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!!!! My account was deleted and SHE STILL found a way of haunting me!!!!!!!
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When I worked on the ambulance we got called out for a man running down the street naked screaming about a catfish chasing him. He had been repeatedly forcefully raking a fork down his arms and legs. I was told by law enforcement he was high on a pcp laced joint dipped in formaldehyde. The guy was out of his mind.

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A few years ago we decided to go to therapy. Every week there was this station wagon parked in the spot near my car. Every week this woman would get out and go into the therapy building. One day I walked by her car and noticed her car was filled with bins of stuffed rabbits. There were hundreds of them. All organised. I wanted to ask her their names but was worried it wouldn't be appropriate. She had those rabbits in those bins the whole time I went there. Got me thinking. Did she take them out when she got home? 

I was driving home when I noticed this dad walking his daughter in her stroller, not strange? He was wearing a bullet proof vest!!!

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In the deep Pacific trenches, there is a lake in the ocean. Sadly I just saw it on tv but still it's pretty strange.

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Just last week, hoovering around my outdoor hanging flower pots was what I thought to be a gorgeous iridescent hummingbird. With a closer look, I discovered it was a moth-like insect mimicking a hummingbird. Strange for me because this was the first time that I saw one.

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When my younger sister was about 8 or 9 years old, our mom would take us shopping for clothes. My sister would become bored with the whole process (having to deal with three sisters and a brother shopping), so she would start talking to the mannequins.

It was really strange and embarrassing because she acted as if they were talking back to her. We got the weirdest looks. And no, she doesn't still talk to them. :D

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That's hilarious
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Yes. She's the sister that made up her own language. No, she wasn't a twin. And no, none of us could understand what the H she was talking about. But we love her - quirks and all.
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The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.  We went there on a family trip at the end of March, and I still have nightmares from this one Spiderman exhibit.  And they had lights made out of Tupperware add well!!!

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dragonfly forty-six
Very scary. When I went to LACMA a couple of years ago they had this 1920's hair memorial. Didn't know the U.S. used to make jewelry and shadow box flowers with a deceased loved ones hair. I should have included that in my answer. Art museums have some weird things in it.
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Hi ~ :) :) It's been a while and I've missed you very much.  Even though I haven't physically been seen,  I have looked on from time to time to see if you all were still here.  Thank goodness you are!  It fills me with Huge Smiles while doing the Happy Dance!!

I'm just on for a second, but I had to share this with you. This is one of the funniest and strangest things I have seen lately.  It really took me by surprise. I sat for a second and tried to figure out how this could be possible... Then, I came to my senses and started to crack up!  I miss you all and will see you soon!

Happy! Happy!

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Merlin happy happy
It is Sooo great to see you all!! Thank you for the nice welcome back and the votes... but most of all, thank you for being here still. When you are away for a while, your friends never leave your mind. Friendships, even if they are internet, really are a magical thing.
This zebra and giraffe must be really, really good friends!!! Big giggles!!
In all sincerity, it GORGEOUSLY great to see and hear from you! Thank you!!
Happy! Happy!
dragonfly forty-six
Merlin happy happy
Magical twirls and whirls in the air all around you !
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I saw an old woman talking to the space beside her in a store. There was no one there but she was conversing >.< There wasn't even anyone around her!

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