What Is The Funniest Thing You've Ever Seen Or Heard?


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Lots of things in life can be funny to some and not to others. Jeff Foxworth and his redneck jokes are some of my favorites. For example most rednecks think the national anthem starts with gentlemen start your engines.

There have been many things with my kitten who is 4 months old. He runs around so much and slips and slides and plays and plays and then suddenly is tired so falls down and sleeps wherever he is
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When we were in church and my mom was on the pew in front of me. We stood up to sing and my mom's skirt fell to the floor..she was singing her little heart out, unaware of her skirt being on the floor. You had to be there, it was the funniest thing on Earth...it makes me laugh now, just writing this.
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This may be funny only to an Episcopalian. John showed up at work one Monday with two black eyes. His co-workers wanted to know what happened. John explained that in church on Sunday when the congregation knelt to pray the lady in the pew in front of him, had a problem with her skirt. The skirt had gotten stuck up in her crack. When she stood back up John saw her problem and being the good Christian gentleman that he is, he pulled her skirt back out. The lady turned around and hit him with a hymnal. The co-workers hearing this at first laughed but then one said well that explains one black eye so how did you get the second one? John said that he did not want to offend the lady so he thought the right thing to do was to put the skirt back where it was. She hit him with the hymnal again!
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Well the funniest thing I've ever seen for now was a fat guy in a snuggie running after his 'girlfriend' car screaming how he wasnt the one that threw her cat out the window and that he was sorry for farting in his sleep.

I'm starting to think the world is coming to it's end.
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In Walmart, this guy was on his phone. Walking past, I literally hear
"no ma! It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, you'll still be
called grandMA, not grandPA"

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Have you ever heard of Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory?  Well he called an African woman a slave and a nerdy birdy hilarious. LOL#hahaha

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