What's the funniest SatNav voice you've ever heard?


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I remember a colleague boasting about how he'd downloaded a Mr. T voice for his SatNav, and I can imagine that being pretty funny (for a while, although you'd probably get sick of his jibba jabba after a while).

There's an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon records SatNav messages himself  - I think I could handle that in my car!

Here's a list of other celebrity voices used for SatNavs:

- Brian Blessed

- Darth Vader

- Kim Catrall (the sexual innuendo featured in the recordings has made her one of the most popular choices apparently).

- Burt Reynolds

What voices would you want to guide you around town? How about Kit from Knightrider? What about "The Hoff" himself? Could you handle Homer Simpson telling you to take the next exit? Or the mom from Malcolm in the Middle whining beside you the entire journey?

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Ooh, a SatNav with Sheldon's voice? Interesting. I don't recall any special voice that I considered funny enough but if you use the Google Plus navigation and speed up the voice of the "robotic woman" it's very, very funny... until you get lost. =O

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