what is your favourite film mines probably the sweeeny or kingsman?

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Echooos Echooos Profile
Echooos Echooos answered

The Ghost and mrs. Muir

Summer of 42

Peggy Sue got married

A League of Their Own

The Changeling with George C Scott


Mildred Pierce

Now Voyager

Mrs. Miniver

Of Mice and Men

The Thin Man

The Wizard of Oz

It Happened One Night

Lost Horizon

Gone with the Wind

Of human bondage

Old acquaintances

Sorry but I couldn't just pick one. :)

Emalee River Profile
Emalee River answered

Any Disney movie ever made

Any Harry potter movie

And titanic

( also grammar alert mines is not the right word it should just be mine )

Jeremy Fink Profile
Jeremy Fink answered

Ace Ventura Pet Detective--cracks me up


The Sawshank Redemption

All 7 Wars movies

American Beauty

Remember The Titans

Fortis Paradise Profile
Fortis Paradise answered

What's eating Gilbert Grape


Erin Brockovich



Vampires suck (because of my disdain for the twilight series)

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