What should I call my music playlist?


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my music

or my mood

really it depends on what kind of feeling your looking for when you hear the name or the type of songs are in your playlist are they sad songs or happy songs or songs that just you can feel or songs that means something to you or songs you and your friends love listening too once you find out the name is pretty easy to figure out

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It really depends on the types of songs that you are gathering in it. I do not have any compilation as I am too lazy to look for tunes. :-P I simply go on the site to listen to the playlists that have already been organised. You can check them out, they are quite entertaining. You can easily stream them on the website. Here is another link that can be helpful to you:
You will find different cool names there. :-)

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I believe that music has great power and greatly affects our emotional state. Think about how many melodies and tracks are associated with some events in our life. I am involved in content creation and often use melodies from, mostly it’s pleasant instrumental music that makes a person watch the video more carefully.

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