What Was The Last Thing You Bought Online?


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Flora Huang Profile
Flora Huang answered

Never got anything online

Taila Nevado Profile
Taila Nevado answered

I purchased a dress online and I regret doing so. I bought
the attire to wear for my best friend's birthday party. When I received it, it
was not like the picture that was on the website. In addition, it did not fit
me, even if I ordered it according to my size.

Skunky Stinkerson Profile

i bought my cell phone screen protector online because sony decided to discontinue production in north america. But thats ok, i love sony phones, my next will, i shall order it online and have it shipped to Canada.  I also ordered a new case which shall arive soon, hopefully lol.

Janis Haskell Profile
Janis Haskell answered

A box of pant hangers.  All of my jeans and slacks were falling out of the loose clips on the old ones .... Definitely time to replace.

Darren Wolfgang Profile
Darren Wolfgang answered

Cat Advantage Flea & Tick Medication for the cats.

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Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
Hi Darren. 😊 how many cats do you have?
Darren Wolfgang
Darren Wolfgang commented
Hi Skip. How you doing? We have 2 cats 1 is 2 years old and the older cat is like 22 years old . The younger one is grey tiger stripped and the older cat is all White. The older one is thin and doesn't eat too well. The Grey tiger stripped one is overweight cause she eats lot . LOL
Skip  Gentry
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Cats are good company. 😊
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I bought a couple of litcoins and believe I would be a lucky one to sell it in a couple of years with some plus zeros

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