What lessons have you learned from movies and which movies were they?


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Megan goodgirl answered

in the movie The Pick Up Artist two people were addicted to gambling.  So it proves anybody can have an addiction which is hard to let go of.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

I learned from watching the movie Kramer vs Kramer . These two people had a child who they had to share custody with cause the parents didn't get along. It just reminds me of my home life growing up was rough,  my late Mother and Father would have so many disagreements that was one marriage that shouldn't of never been. I think my parents would of been better getting divorced when we were younger . My Father was very mean to us kids, he would fly off the handle at any little thing it didn't make a difference he would do it than he would make me upset and make me feel sad. I do believe he is part of my reason i battled mental illness cause of him mainly. No one should have to go through what kids have to go through cause they are caught between the parents. That's what happened on Kramer vs Kramer.  That's what happened between my Father, My late Mother and us kids yes horrible home life.

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