What lessons have you learned from scary movies?


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You only need to lookup the Twitter hashtag #LessonsFromScaryMovies to get some good suggestions of what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do when faced with peril and impending danger.

Scary movies are obviously fictitious, but that doesn't mean they can't teach us all something. Here are a few of my favorite Tweets on the subject:

This gem of advice from @jayysneedxo shows how onscreen paranoia can soon spill into real life, and affect your daily routine. But is it such a bad thing to be always on the lookout? You know if there's a killer out on the loose, @jayysneedxo will be the last person to get stabbed to death in a shower.

Ok, so obviously not the REAL Miley Cyrus, but that doesn't mean @FranciscaloveMC isn't capable of sharing genuine survival tips.

@sammer_schnabel hits the nail on the head with this one. Too many innocent people end up losing limbs or lives because they just don't know when to step away. If you move into a new house and it's haunted, call your estate agent or something - don't go taking on the ghost yourself.

If only people on TV were as smart as they are on Twitter!

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Good one! I used to check the shower sometimes when I was younger, and always checked under the bed when I was little. Sometimes I even ran from the door and jumped straight on the bed... just in case!

The best lesson I've learned? Never watch "part two". If the first one is good enough just watch it and leave it there.
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I run from the door and leap on the bed even at my age. No to avoid monsters but because there's no reason to stop having fun!
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Ha ha ha... Yeah! That's fun. I sometimes do that too but with my kid: run, jump, a short flip (more like a twist) and fall backwards on the bed.
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Don't walk outside alone at night because the killer will get you!

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