Is today Your Day? It is December 25 CHRISTMAS DAY!, National Pumpkin Pie day.


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Janis Haskell Profile
Janis Haskell answered

I'm definitely in!  Merry Christmas!

Skip  Gentry Profile
Skip Gentry answered

Merry Christmas all!  🎄🎁 It’s a great day!

Toni Pauze Profile
Toni Pauze answered

It’s a great day.  No pumpkin for me.

Merry Christmas to all!

Darren Wolfgang Profile
Darren Wolfgang answered

I'm in for this day Merry Christmas 2018 , May yours be Blessed and Healthy and I like Pumpkin Pie so this is my Day :) :)

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Darren Wolfgang
Darren Wolfgang commented
I think tomorrow i might make sauce and make Ziti pasta and that will stretch for couple days of meals. I like to make Meat sauce and let it simmer all day let the flavor go through it and than by 4:00 we get ready to eat. 😊😊
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
Darren I think your cousins would starve to death if you were not there! 😅
Darren Wolfgang
Darren Wolfgang commented
Yes Yin , they would cause none of them want to budge and they leave it up to me to make the decision to do last minute grocery shopping . 🤣😂😅

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